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L.A. Underwater - Pontolis barroni

date. 2021

medium. Zbrush 2021

client. Natural History Museum Los Angeles County

description. Pontolis was a family of prehistoric basal walruses that had many comparable aspects to California seal lions, than to contemporary walruses. Pontolis barroni is a lesser known member of the family known mostly from a relatively complete skull. Pontolis barroni had a uniquely elongated skull with a very low profile, an aspect of the animal that Associate Curator of Mammalogy for the NHM, Jorge Velez - Jurage wanted to emphasize in the model. Using the lower jaw of Pontolis kohnoi (a related species) I extrapolated what I believed the musculature of the distinctly flat head of Pontolis barroni would be. The musculature study allowed us to have a better understanding of how soft tissue and flesh could have wrapped the body. Final Model was created in Zbrush. Model was rigged and animated for the exhibit by Kain Suwannaphin.

Walrus 3c.jpg
Walrus 1c.jpg
Walrus 2c.jpg
Walrus 4c.jpg
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