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L.A. Underwater - Eupachydiscus

date. 2021

medium. Zbrush 2021 & Adobe Substance Painter.

client. Natural History Museum Los Angeles County

description. Eupachydiscus was a large Cretaceous ammonite found in Los Angeles. Working with Curator of Invertebrate Paleontology Austin Hendy, I created conceptual art pencil sketches to depict what the prehistoric coleoid could have looked like in life. Because ammonites were invertebrates and did not have bones to fossilize, there is much debate as to how they could have looked. The final model was created in Zbrush, and colorized in Adobe Substance painter. This model was projected over the fossil inside of the exhibit to illustrate to guests how the animal moved and potentially appeared in life. Model was rigged and animated by Kain Suwannaphin.

Eupachydiscus final c.jpg
Eupachydiscus final 2 c.jpg
Eupachydiscus color c.jpg
Ammonite heads all_edited.jpg
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