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L.A. Underwater - Dreamer Anglerfish

date. 2021

medium. Zbrush 2021 

client. Natural History Museum Los Angeles County

description. Chaenophryne melanorhabdus is a prehistoric species of anglerfish that is very similar to members of the same species still alive today. Working with Gary Takeuchi of the George C. Page Museum, we compared the Museums fossil of c. melanorhaddus with the specimens collected of species alive today to create a realistic interpretation of the dreamer anglerfish for the

L.A. Underwater Exhibit. In the  exhibit, the top of the esca flashes and glows while the dreamer angler swims across screen. Model was rigged and animated by Kain Suwannaphin.

angler final 4.jpg
angler final 5.jpg
angler final 6.jpg
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