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Shoya House Illustrations

date. 2023

medium. India Ink & Adobe Photoshop 2023

client. Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens

description. A series of illustrations created for the new Shoya House at the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens. The Shoya House is a restored residential compound from 18th-century rural Japan. It is an authentically constructed Japanese house using natural materials, and is combined with careful attention to agricultural practices. The house demonstrates how a community became self-sufficient through reducing waste, repairing items, and living symbiotically with the surrounding environment. A variety of illustrations were created that include a site maps, isometric room layouts, and detail callouts for guests to better understand the materials used in the original construction of the house. Illustrations were drawn in India Ink, and digitally colored. Illustrations can be seen in Person at the Shoya House, and on the Huntington Library's website.

Irrigation System & Original Site Plan

Irrigation System & Original Site Plan

Irrigation System & Original Site Plan

Contemporary Layout & Visitor Site Map

Illustration 1_edited.jpg

Gatehouse & Servant Quarters

Illustration 2_edited.jpg

Gate House Construction Materials 

Front Room Complex

Illustration 6_edited_edited.jpg

Back Room Complex

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