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Homalacanthus concinnus Reconstruction

date. 2021

medium. Zbrush 2020, 3D Resin Print, Resin, Acrylic Paint

description. A 1:1 reconstruction of the extinct Devonian acanthodian Homalacanthus concinnus. The sculpture is approximately a foot in length. Dr. Matthew Friedman from the University of Michigan was kind enough to lend his expertise and consulted on the accuracy of this sculpture. The original sculpture was created in Zbrush 2020. From the Zbrush files, five versions of the Homalacanthus were 3D printed, each in a different pose. The 3D prints were then molded and cast with Resin. This project is meant as a companion piece to the much larger Eusthenopteron foordi sculpture. Because there is fossil evidence that Eusthenopteron fed upon Homalacanthus, the final diorama will include a school of Homalacanthus evading a hungry Eusthenopteron.

wiggle 5.jpg
wiggle 4.jpg
wiggle 10.jpg
side view MASTER.jpg
Matt fiah 1.jpg
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