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Eusthenopteron foordi Reconstruction 

date. 2021

medium. NSP Chavant, Resin, Fiberglass, Acrylic Paint

description. A 1:1 reconstruction of the extinct Devonian fish, Eusthenopteron foordi. This project is meant to be an accurate reconstruction of how the animal would have looked in life. The sculpture is approximately 5.5 ft long in total. Dr. Matthew Friedman from the University of Michigan consulted on the accuracy of the anatomy for the sculpt. This sculpture was also intended to express the concept that Eusthenopteron was likely an ambush predator. Using its muscular lobed fins, it could patrol through the sunken trees of Devonian Miguasha. With its powerful tail, it could propel itself at high-speeds towards prey, ensnaring them with its frightening menagerie of teeth. Fossils of Homalacanthus concinnus have been found inside those of Eusthenopteron, indicating clear evidence of predation. The original sculpture was made out of NSP and the final sculpture is a fiberglass casting painted with acrylics.

Eunice 1.jpg
Eunice 2.jpg
Eusthenopteron 1.png
fish 6.jpg
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