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Argodicynodon boreni 

date. 2023

medium. Zbrush 2023, Adobe Substance Painter 2023, Adobe Photoshop 2023, 3D printing resin

client. Adam K. Huttenlocker, Ph.D. 

description. In early 2023, Adam Huttenlocker reached out to me with CT scan data of a then tentative new species of Triassic dicynodont from Texas. The skull that was scanned composed of a nearly intact frill, part of the right orbit, the right maxilla with tooth socket, and most of the mandible. Working closely with Adam, I digitally reconstructed the missing parts of the skull, including the top of the frill, jugal, sphenoid area, premaxilla and incisors. I then 3D printed sections of the skull and assembled the pieces to create a model that could be used as a 1:1 scale replica for education and outreach purposes. Once Adam and colleagues work was accepted, the new species was officially named Argodicynodon boreni. I then worked to create a 3D reconstruction of what the head of Argodicynodon would have looked like in life. This model was then textured and rendered to accompany the teams publication in the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, where it made the cover illustration for January 2024.   

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