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Ancient Los Angeles

date. 2022

medium. India Ink & Adobe Photoshop CC

clientNatural History Museum Los Angeles County

description. A series of spot Illustrations commissioned by NHMLAC for their interactive story map project. Images were used on the NHMLAC story map website to help communicate scientific topics revolving around paleontology natural history, and environmental phenomenon. Illustrations were drawn in India ink attempting to convey the feel of illustrations that may have been found in a field journal.  

whale 1.jpg

Blue Whale

Tyrannosaurus rex

rex 1.jpg

Columbian Mammoth & Bulldozer

Mammoth 1.jpg

Oil Well & Diatom Fossils

grasshopper 1.jpg

Whale Evolution

whale 2.jpg

Pacific Coast Upwelling Diagram

upwelling 1.jpg
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