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Acadoparadoxides levisettii Reconstruction 

date. 2019

medium. Original sculpture - NSP Chavant

description. A 1:1 reconstruction of the extinct Moroccan trilobite species Acadoparadoxidies levisettii. Shown alongside its authentic fossilized counterpart, This model is meant to be an accurate reconstruction of what the species would have looked like in life. The original sculpture was done in NSP, which was later molded and cast in resin. It was then assembled and painted by hand and airbrush with acrylics. The base was custom carved myself from white oak, and a mirrored steel plate serves as a way of being able to view the undercarriage of the sculpture. Sculpture is approximately 21" long from antenna to end.

CTownsend_Trilobite 2 copy.jpg
Ctownsend_Trilobite 3.jpg
Ctownsend_Trilobite 4.jpg
CTownsend_Trilobite 1.jpg
CTownsend_Trilobite 5.jpg
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